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Storm Damage

Storms can occur with little warning and leave devastating damage behind. Regardless of the type and level of storm damage, Rebuild911 can handle any disaster. Whether a fallen tree damaged your roof or a severe storm damaged your siding, we’re here to help with your insurance claims. After catastrophic storms and major weather events, our Disaster Recovery Team is on call at all times, and they can respond quickly with additional resources based on your specific needs. Remember, you DO have a choice when it comes to who does your restoration work in insurance claims. Call Rebuild911 today to make the best choice, and have your home restored by trained professionals who care about you, your family, and your home.

Rain Storm Damage

Water is particularly invasive, and it can quickly spread throughout your property and absorb into floors, walls, furniture, and more. Rain storms are also often accompanied by lightning, which can cause a completely different type of damage. If your home has been damaged by a rain storm, call Rebuild911 first. Our trained professionals respond quickly and can help walk you through any type of storm damage.

Winter Storm Damage

During winter storms, one of the biggest threats to your home is the ice on your roof. When snow melts unevenly and then refreezes, it can create an “ice dam” on your roof, which prevents melted snow from draining. This standing water can back up under the shingles, leak into your home, and cause significant water damage to ceilings, walls and floors. These “ice dams” can also damage your gutters, tear off shingles, and, if the ice is heavy enough, cave in your roof. Water can also get into any cracks in your home, and the daily freezing and refreezing can cause larger cracks and more damage. Don’t let winter storm damage leave you in the cold. Call Rebuild911 as soon as you see the first signs of damage and keep your family warm and safe all winter.`