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Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by many different things throughout a home or office, and insurance claims can be difficult. Whatever the cause, Rebuild911 is here to help. Storms, plumbing malfunctions, floods, and major spills are the top causes of water damage. Restoring your home or office is just a call away, and immediate action is crucial. Call Rebuild911 first to stop water damage in it’s tracks and prevent any further damage.

Different Types Of Water Damage

There are many ways that your home can be damaged by water. The water may be coming from inside, like a busted pipe or an overflowed sink or bathtub. The water may also be coming from outside the house, like rain flooding your basement through the ground or coming through a hole in your roof. Both interior and exterior water damage can be devastating, and it’s important that you act quickly. The Rebuild911 professionals are always on call, and can respond to the damage quickly. Our speed and expertise will save you time and money. Call Rebuild911 at the first sign of damage.

We’re Here For You 24/7 – Start To Finish

A major part of treating damage caused by water is the clean up. Rebuild911 will respond as quickly as possible, and we’ll stay with you through every step of the process. We’ll call your insurance company and help you take control of the situation from the start, and we’ll stick around to make sure that everything is dried and treated properly. Water damage doesn’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. Rebuild911 provices emergency water damage repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.