Basement Remodel

Is your basement a dusty, dirty space used for storage? You could be missing out on half of the usable space in your house! Rebuild911 can help you through the process of a full basement remodel and turn that storage space into a spare bedroom, a den, a playroom, or a great place to entertain guests. The possibilities are endless. Don’t let that space go to waste. Call Rebuild911 now to get your free basement remodel estimate.

Sealing and Waterproofing

Because your basement is underground, it’s subjected to dampness, mold, and leaks. Rebuild911 can help you design your dream basement. We also make sure it’s sealed and finished properly so that it doesn’t become a nightmare later on. We select superior materials that are designed for a basement environment. Our team will work with you to pick the colors, styles, and materials you want and advise you along the way with your best interests in mind.

Basement Remodel Photo Gallery

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